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How to add log and exponential term in objective function?



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  • Jaromił Najman
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi Lena,

    Gurobi does not natively support nonlinear function such as \(\log, \exp\). However, supports piecewise-linear approximations of these functions. You can add a constraint \(y = \log(x)\) via the addGenConstrLog method and a constraint \(y = \exp(x)\) via the addGenConstrExpr method. Note that both method accept only a single variable as input and output. This means that you have to introduce auxiliary variables in order to work with general constraints. For example, in order to implement \(\min x + \exp(\sum_i y_i)\), you have to add 2 auxiliary variables and 2 constraints to model it as

    \min\,\,\, &x + z\\
    \text{s.t.}\,\,\, & z = \exp(w)\\
    & w = \sum_i y_i

    The only issue I see is the modeling of the term \((-1)^{y}\). Gurobi currently does not support a power term with negative base, cf. addGenConstrExpA method. So unless you can reformulate your objective expression, it is not possible to model it in Gurobi at the moment.

    Best regards, 


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