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What does status 11 INTERRUPTED mean?

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  • Eli Towle
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Gurobi could terminate with an \(\texttt{INTERRUPTED}\) status if:

    1. The code calls a function that terminates a solve. For example, a Python project might call Model.terminate() (typically done in a callback) or Model.cbStopOneMultiObj() (must be done in a callback).
    2. The Gurobi process receives the interrupt signal (SIGINT). This most commonly occurs when the solve is interrupted manually with Ctrl-C, though the signal could also be sent programmatically.

    In what environment are you using Gurobi? Does your code terminate the solve from a callback function?

  • Zhongkui Ma
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    Thank you very much for the answer, I'm using Python. I think I have figured out this question.


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