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  • Chung-Kyun Han
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi Rayan,

    Thank you for reaching us.

    Based on the screenshot, it seems that your code spends more than 3 minutes creating decision variables and has not yet started the model-solving part. To validate this issue, import time and add print(time.ctime())  before and after the decision variable creation part.

    Additionally, could you share the code more (this time, please copy and paste your code, not screenshot one)? I cannot find 'model.optimize()' function, which will start solving the model and give logs. You don't need to share the data loading part.

    And make sure you don't change the default value about 'OutputFlag'.
    If your code includes the following one, logs will not appear on the console.

    model.params.OutputFlag = 0

    The information about suppressing all console output from Gurobi is in our Knowledge Base.

    Best regards,
    Chung-Kyun Han


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