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Can we reuse the presolve in a subsequent run?



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  • Riley Clement
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi Gabrijela,

    The aim of presolve is to reduce the model size while ensuring at least one optimal solution still remains.  It may remove parts of the feasible region in doing so.  The effect of the presolve is therefore related to your objective function and so it cannot be "reused" between models with different objective functions (or between models in general).

    You can turn presolve off entirely by setting Presolve=0.  You could also see whether Presolve=1 (conservative presolve) or setting PrePasses to a low value (perhaps try 0 or 1 initially) has the desired effect.

    Also, if you're solving many models where only the objective function coefficients are changing then perhaps consider test-driving our Multi-Scenario functionality.

    - Riley


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