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Help for not being able to install Gurobi




  • Riley Clement
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi 奇 钟,

    Using or pip install is not the recommended method for installing gurobipy when using Anaconda (or miniconda).  Can you see if the approach in the following article works for you?

    How do I use conda to install Gurobi in Anaconda?

    I also would suggest running python -m pip uninstall gurobipy to undo your previous step.

    - Riley

  • 奇 钟
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    Hi Riley,


    Thank you for your patience and advice!

    I have adopted your method, but the problem occurs again during the installation, the code is as follows. Do you have a solution?

    ## Package Plan ##

      environment location: D:\anaconda3

      added / updated specs:
        - gurobi

    The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:

      anyio              pkgs/main/win-64::anyio-3.5.0-py310haa95532_0
      attrs              pkgs/main/win-64::attrs-23.1.0-py310haa95532_0
      chardet            pkgs/main/win-64::chardet-4.0.0-py310haa95532_1003
      charset-normalizer pkgs/main/noarch::charset-normalizer-2.0.4-pyhd3eb1b0_0
      click              pkgs/main/win-64::click-8.1.7-py310haa95532_0
      filelock           pkgs/main/win-64::filelock-3.13.1-py310haa95532_0
      gurobi             gurobi/win-64::gurobi-10.0.3-py310_0
      packaging          pkgs/main/win-64::packaging-23.1-py310haa95532_0
      platformdirs       pkgs/main/win-64::platformdirs-3.10.0-py310haa95532_0
      pluggy             pkgs/main/win-64::pluggy-1.0.0-py310haa95532_1
      sniffio            pkgs/main/win-64::sniffio-1.2.0-py310haa95532_1
      tenacity           pkgs/main/win-64::tenacity-8.2.2-py310haa95532_0
      tornado            pkgs/main/win-64::tornado-6.3.3-py310h2bbff1b_0
      typing_extensions  pkgs/main/win-64::typing_extensions-4.7.1-py310haa95532_0
      wrapt              pkgs/main/win-64::wrapt-1.14.1-py310h2bbff1b_0

    The following packages will be UPDATED:

      ca-certificates                     2023.01.10-haa95532_0 --> 2023.08.22-haa95532_0
      certifi                         2022.12.7-py310haa95532_0 --> 2023.11.17-py310haa95532_0
      openssl                                 1.1.1t-h2bbff1b_0 --> 1.1.1w-h2bbff1b_0
      typing-extensions                   4.4.0-py310haa95532_0 --> 4.7.1-py310haa95532_0

    The following packages will be SUPERSEDED by a higher-priority channel:

      dask               pkgs/main/win-64::dask-2022.7.0-py310~ --> pkgs/main/noarch::dask-2022.2.1-pyhd3eb1b0_0
      dask-core          pkgs/main/win-64::dask-core-2022.7.0-~ --> pkgs/main/noarch::dask-core-2022.2.1-pyhd3eb1b0_0
      distributed        pkgs/main/win-64::distributed-2022.7.~ --> pkgs/main/noarch::distributed-2022.2.1-pyhd3eb1b0_0

    Proceed ([y]/n)? y

    Downloading and Extracting Packages

    Preparing transaction: done
    Verifying transaction: failed

    RemoveError: 'pluggy' is a dependency of conda and cannot be removed from
    conda's operating environment.


  • Riley Clement
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi Qi,

    Let's continue this via a support ticket.  You will receive an email shortly.

    - Riley


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