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Gurobi theory




  • Quin Ackerman
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    Hey there,

     I highly suggest you checking their official documentation and academic papers because they usually provide comprehensive information that can be useful for your thesis and you might also explore research papers on optimization algorithms for additional perspectives. If needed, contacting Gurobi support directly could also help.

  • Riley Clement
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi Nikola,

    I would suggest it is kept general to MIP solvers and MIP theory, and not specifically Gurobi, this is fairly typical in a thesis.  You will find inspiration in other theses, such as Tobias' (our VP of R&D):

    Although it is not a new resource the big ideas remain the same.

    - Riley

  • Nikola Grlj
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    Hi Riley, I was hoping that I don't have to go too much into the details since Gurobi is used only as a tool in my thesis, not an object of research itself. Therefor I would be hoping there is a technical manual which in short explains the output of Gurobi which I get in my Python console when I run the code. Just the steps themselves. Is there such a manual or official documentations which explain the textual output running Gurobi?


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