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Queue history and some helpful statistics in Gurobi Cluster Manager



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  • Richard Oberdieck
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi Daniel,

    yes, you can see this information either directly or you can infer it from the information available. Specifically, you can see "Waiting time before started" in the web UI of the Cluster Manager in the History tab. However, I think for thorough analysis I suggest you use the REST API: the `/history/jobs` GET request provides (among other things) the items listed below ("startedAt", "queuedAt", "queueIndex").

    In terms of the nodes, you can retrieve (again through the REST API) the "NodeMetrics", where one of the items is "processedJobCounter", i.e. you can see how many jobs in total have been processed by that node. But I think if you want a differentiated view by time then I suggest you set up some automated monitoring using the REST API based on your specific KPIs.

    Maybe it makes sense to have a call and discuss this topic in more detail? I'll drop you an email and then we can talk if you are interested.

    Best regards





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