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  • Grzegorz Siekaniec

    It seems that PyCharm is not picking up settings from your terminal set through ".bashrc" as explained in Gurobi documentation. So although you might be able to solve it from terminal, even terminal inside PyCharm, it will not work if you want to run it using configuration. What worked for me was to set "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/gurobi811/linux64/lib" in Environment Variables part of Configuration. I needed to pass a full path as substitution does not seem to work either.

    I am using Anaconda with Python 3.7 and in this specific instance I created virtual environment using "python3 -m --system-site-packages venv_gurobi"

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  • Sonja Mars


    We have a knowledge base article about this topic. Have you already looked at it?

    Best regards,


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