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Min # of servers per pool v/s actual number of servers



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  • Jaromił Najman
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi Alvaro,

    1. Does "Min Servers" also stand for "Max Servers"?

    I assume you mean the "Compute Servers" field in the "License" tab when creating a pool. This stands for the number of server associated in the pool.

    2. If not, what configuration am I missing that prevents me to automatically (not manually) start more than 1 server?

    When you set the "Compute Servers" field in the "License" tab to, e.g., 2, then at most 2 machines in the particular pool will be automatically started when you submit jobs.

    3. Is it possible to start more than 10 servers? If so, is that configuration related to the license?

    It is currently not possible to have more than 10 servers in a pool.

    4. No directly related, but what does "If you select more than one compute servers, load balancing will be enabled" stand for? Does that imply in any way that more than 1 job will be launch on any server, regardless of the "Job Limit" setting?

    The idea of load balancing is as follows:

    When a new job (environment) is requested for a Compute Server Cluster or Cloud, the machine that is currently using the smallest fraction of its capacity (ratio of active jobs vs. the job limit) is chosen.

    Example: If a machine with a job limit of 2 is running 1 job, and a machine with a job limit of 5 is running two jobs, the next job will go to the machine with a limit of 5.

    Best regards,


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