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Setting multiple number to facilities in a single location

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  • Maliheh Aramon
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi Kazi, 

    Changing the variable type to integer results into the exact same solution. It means that even you allow for opening of more than one depot at each location, the solution with the optimal cost is still to have at most one depot at each location (for the given input data).

    To better understand the problem you are trying to solve, could you please explain how opening more than one depot in each location affects the problem input? Is there additional fixed cost to open the second depot in a location? How about the total throughput of a location? Is it fixed in advance?

    Best regards,

  • Kazi Ullah
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    Hi Maliheh, 

    Thanks for your comments! I already solved the problem. Simply setting the variable type to GRB.INTEGER was my solution. Yes, it depends on the throughput of a location. In my case the material flows are much higher than a single depot in a location. Therefore, I needed to open more than one depot in the candidate locations. There is an additional fixed cost for opening a depot. With a cost minimizing approach, the model selected the optimum number of depos in the candidate locations. 

    Thanking you, 



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