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Model is solvable in one system whereas no ouptut in other system.




  • Jaromił Najman
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff


    It is not unusual that Gurobi performs differently on different machines due to performance variability, see Why does Gurobi perform differently on different machines? However, your case seems very extreme. Such cases are often caused by numerical issues during the optimization process. The documentation article Does my model have numerical issues? and our Guidelines for Numerical Issues provide a good starting point to tackle sources of numerical issues in the model.

    You could provide an MPS file to make the issue reproducible. Please have a look at How do I write an MPS model file from a third-party API? You can then share this MPS file as described in Posting to the Community Forum.

    Once you exported an MPS file of your problem, could you try solving it using the gurobi command line tool on both machines to see whether the issue is still reproducible?

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  • Satyam Kumar
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    Hi Jaromił,  thanks for your reply. I checked for numerical issues as you suggested. I could not find any issue while printing m.printStats(), however when I tried to print m.KappaExact, it gives the following error:

    AttributeError: Unable to retrieve attribute 'KappaExact'

    I also run .mps file on both systems using the gurobi_cl command and observed the same issues.

    Thus I have provided a dropbox link to my .mps file. For system 2, I interrupted the process (after 5-10 min) and attach the log file. Link has been provided in the edit section of my problem.

    Please check. Again thanks for the help.


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