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Unable to install.



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  • Mario Ruthmair
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi Ramana,

    Unfortunately, there is no conda package for Gurobi and Python 3.9 yet, only for Python <=3.8. So, either you set up a virtual environment with Python 3.8 and install the conda package as usual, or you install Gurobi for Python 3.9 in a different way, see below.

    The preferred option would be to install it via pip, i.e., in your conda environment you run

    python -m pip install gurobipy

    Alternatively, you could install the full Gurobi package from our website if you need additional resources like Gurobi command line, documentation, examples, etc., or if you want to use Gurobi also with other programming languages.

    Best regards,


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