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How do I model multiple conditional statements in gurobi?

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  • Jonasz Staszek
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    Hi Yonghyun,

    this will depend on the Gurobi API you choose.

    I assume that A, B, C, D are Gurobi integer variables. Now, to retrieve their values, you must have successfully optimized first, as otherwise, the following code will throw an error.

    For Python, it could look as follows:

    # we assume that A, B, C and D are pre-defined Gurobi variablex
    if (A.X > B.X) and (C.X > D.X):
     # CASE 1
    elif (A.X > B.X) and (C.X < D.X):
     # CASE 2

    elif (A.X < B.X) and (C.X > D.X):
     # CASE 3
     # CASE 4

    Hope this helps. 

    Best regards,


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