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  • Can the function PoolSolutions and MIPGap use at the same time?


    Hi, when I try to terminate the solving process with a certain MIPGap, I find that PoolSolutions parameter didn't work. Can the parameters PoolSolutions and  MIPGap use at the same time? the expres...

  • improving the quality of feasible solution


    Hi, gurobi support center, I am running a MIP problem. Some useful parameters have been set acording to the discuss of community topics. However, the solving process is still slow, although many fe...

  • can write() function export the lazyconstraints?


    Hi, I try to use write() function to export a model. During the solving process, some lazy constraints are added to the model, finally, when i use write() to print the final model, i cannot see the...

  • lb and ub of variables


    Hi! Recently when I used gurobipy a problem bothered me for a long time. If i write addVars(20,30,vtype=GRB.BINARY,name='aij')addVars(20,30,vtype=GRB.CONTINUOUS,name='fij')addConstrs(fij[i,t]<=aij[...

  • CPU utilization


    Hi all, I have a problem, my server configuration is Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5218R CPU @ 2.10GHz 2.10 GHz. When the code runs,I find the use of CPU is only 4% and the use of memory is only 16%. is it...

  • The relationship between the hardware and the calculation speed of gurobi?


    Hi, How do the cores, threads and cpu frequency influence the calculation time of gurobi,respectively? which one is the main factor of the gurobi calculation performance or whether improving any of...

  • Why the primal and dual simplex process is so long?


    Hi, Are there any errors in  my MILP model? Why the primal and dual simplex process is so long? Gurobi Optimizer version 9.1.0 build v9.1.0rc0 (win64)Thread count: 4 physical cores, 8 logical proce...

  • Can Gurobi select to use Benders algorithm as a strategy to solve a model?


    Hi, Recently, I find CPLEX has a parameter,which can select whether or not using the Benders strategy to solve a model, can GUROBI do the same? Thanks a lot!