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Gurobi on docker does not find licence



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  • David Torres Sanchez
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi Thomas,

    In this answer on the forums, I read the following: "[...] mount it in your docker container in place of your current academic license [...]". I do not know what mounting means, so could you please give me some command line arguments that would work?

    Mounting is a term used when binding a local file to use in the docker container. Mounting the license file you downloaded is the easiest way for this to work.

    This can be done in the command line as seen in our instructions on docker-hub or the README in the GitHub repo you linked: Start a gurobi/optimizer shell instance. The command is something like:

    $ docker run --volume=/my/full/path/to/gurobi.lic:/opt/gurobi/gurobi.lic:ro ...

    This will mount your \(\texttt{gurobi.lic}\) file (using the full path) to the container in the directory \(\texttt{/opt/gurobi/}\) additionally the option \(\texttt{ro}\) is specified in this command which means read-only i.e. the container cannot edit the contents of this file. In other contexts, it may be useful to allow for the container to also write to the file.

    I'd recommend using the up-to-date version of the Dockerfile unless you have a reason not to, right now, this is 10.0.1.




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