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Error building `Gurobi



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  • Jaromił Najman
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi Yaseen,

    The error message states exactly what is wrong.

    │ Gurobi.jl only supports the following versions:
    │  - gurobi91
    │  - gurobi90

    So your Gurobi Julia installation supports only Gurobi v9.1 and v9.0 but the Julia installation finds only Gurobi v11 which is not supported.

    │ Did you download and install one of these versions from
    │ Installing Gurobi.jl via the Julia package manager is _not_ sufficient!
    │ Found GUROBI_HOME =  C:\gurobi1101\win64
    │ Does this point to the correct install location?
    │ We're going to look for the Gurobi library in this directory:
    │     C:\gurobi1101\win64\bin

    So you either have to update your Gurobi.jl installation or downgrade your Gurobi installation.

    In general, this questions seems to be more relevant for the Julia community forum rather than a Gurobi related forum. I would recommend checking the Julia forum and FAQ.

    Best regards, 


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