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LP with Barrier (Method=2) and crossover disabled (i.e., Crossover=0) still stuck in crossover


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  • Manuel Bröchin
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    I'm not an expert but it seems you are solving a mixed-integer LP (MILP). Indications for this are that in the log it says "Root barrier log..." and "Root crossover log...".

    I don't know exactly what algorithm is used in Gurobi to solve MILP problems, but generally In order to solve a MILP problem one first needs to find a basic feasible solution (the root) to then apply e.g. integer cuts to find a solution that satisfies all integer constraints.

    The problem is that the barrier algorithm does not return a BFS but in general it returns a midface solution. Crossover is thus needed to get from the midface solution to a BFS.

    So to answer your question, it seems that you have an integrality constraint somewhere in your problem formulation that requires you to do crossover. In order to avoid crossover you should try to get rid of the integrality constraints.


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