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Performance of Java vs. Python




  • Sonja Mars
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    All Gurobi API's are just thin layers upon the C API. So in the end they all just collect the data and then pass it on to the core library that is written in C. So from a solver and solving performance point of view it does not make a difference if you are using Python or Java.

    It will of course make a difference for the model building part. The model building is done in the language you choose and dependent of how good you know the language, which data structures you choose and how fast the language is the building will be faster or slower.

    If you already know one language better than I would always recommend that you stay with that language because you will save lots of time when not having to learn something new. Also we have added some features to our Python API that make it a bit nicer and easier to use.


  • Even Kallevik
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    This sounds great! Thank you for your quick reply :) 

    Regards, Even


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