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Interpretation best bound NoRel heuristic



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  • Maliheh Aramon
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi Anne-Kett, 

    You can think of the best bound in the NoRel heuristic as a global valid bound obtained by relaxing the constraints as opposed to the usual way of relaxing the integrality constraints. This bound is not directly used in the NoRel heuristic and you are right that it is just a coincidence that the optimal solution for the models you tested happens to be equal to the best bound obtained in the NoRel heuristic. 

    There is no general rule for the time spent in the NoRel heuristic and the time is problem dependent and should be determined experimentally.  For most of the problems, we will eventually reach a time where spending more time in the NoRel heuristic does not lead to finding a better feasible solution. 

    Best regards,



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