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Does Gurobi used intel Math Kernel Library



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    Greg Glockner
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Gurobi uses the Intel MKL, but only in the barrier solver. For MIP models, it's likely you will never use the MKL code.

    We have also heard about slow performance with MKL on AMD chips, but we haven't seen any performance issues. It may not be ideal, but our results have been quite impressive.

  • Karlo Sepetanc
    First Comment

    Which version of MKL do you use?

    I have read that up-to version 2020.0 it can be tweaked with system variable into debug mode and set to use AVX2 on AMD. (MKL_DEBUG_CPU_TYPE=5)

    I definately support developement of vendor neutral approach. I don't know what MATLAB did, but since version 2020a it has normal performance on both Intel and AMD. I hope you find a way to do the same.


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