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  • Jaromił Najman
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff


    Finding all solutions of a MIP problem would in general indeed take a great amount of time. However, it is possible that Gurobi is able to detect some specific structure and find solutions quickly for particular problem instances.

    I used the parameter value is : ConcurrentMIP=1 Method=2

    The parameter ConcurrentMIP is very likely not what you are looking for. For a detailed description of Gurobi's concurrent optimizer please refer to the documentation.

    The parameter Method only controls the algorithm used and not the number of desired solutions. Thus, it does not have to be set either.

    What you are looking for is Gurobi's solution pool feature, which makes Gurobi search for multiple solutions. Note that there is no way to make Gurobi search for all solutions. However, you can just set the number of desired solutions very high. A similar issue is discussed in the Community Forum post Get all solutions.

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