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MIP gap



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  • Maliheh Aramon
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Hi Alexia, 

    The parameters MIPGap and MIPGapAbs are indeed the performance metrics that can be used to quantify how good or bad a current solution is compared to the optimal solution.

    A MIPGap of 1% can be good for one application and not good enough for another application. It is up to the user who knows the context of the application to interpret the MIPGap value.

    Let us consider a minimization problem with the current incumbent solution of $10,000 and a MIPGap of 1%. This implies that the optimal cost will be greater than or equal to $9900. It is then up to user to decide if it makes sense to accept a near-optimal solution which costs an extra $100 at most or not. 

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