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Gurobi vs. Cplex -- lower bounds

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  • Jaromił Najman
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    According to Cplex' documentation it accepts \(\texttt{=>}\) as \(\geq\) so it might be Cplex not using the standard LP notation.

    Could you share the LP file? You can find instructions on how to upload files in the forum in the Posting to the Community Forum article. This would allow the Community to have a closer look at the behavior you described.

    Best regards,

  • Victor Miller
    First Comment

    Unfortunately, the computer that I use Gurobi and Cplex on is not connected to the internet, so I can't really upload the file.  In relation to my other comment, the quadratic program that I generated also had an offset in the objective.  It appears that Gurobi ignored the offset (after giving a complaint that it couldn't find a variable), so that the results that I was seeing weren't really reflective of the progress in the problem, since they didn't take into account the offset.  I've rewritten the lp to have a variable, which is always set to 1, to be multiplied by the offset in the objective.  However, our temporary Gurobi license has expired, so I'll have to wait 30 days until we get our permanent license to try it out.


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