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  • Jaromił Najman
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    This sound like a browser related issue. Did you restart your machine?

    Note that some browsers/plugins delete login data for security reasons.

    Did you try a different browser?

    The site isn't too responsive (slow) from my place

    Is it possible that when you run into a timeout when logging in? This is possible with slow connection. If this is the case, there is nothing that could be adjusted on the website.

  • Zohar Levi

    I tried both chrome and firefox.

    When I enter the thread url, it doesn't recognize me in both. If I want to leave a comment, then it suggests that I log in. I click the login:

    firefox: it refreshes the page and logs me in automatically.

    chrome (my default browser): it sends me to the login page, where I need to enter user/pass.

    Not the end of the world, but it would be preferable if the site remembers my login like most sites do. It would make the experience faster (especially when I can do nothing about my connection speed).

  • Jennifer Locke
    Gurobi Staff Gurobi Staff

    Please check your Autofill Password Manager Chrome settings.  Make sure the "Offer to save passwords" is turned on.


  • Zohar Levi

    It's already on, it fills the user/pass for me, and I need to press the button. But again, I prefer not to go through an extra login page each time:

    - get to the thread page, press sign in

    - wait for the login page, enter login (auto or not)

    - get back to the thread page



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