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What types of models can Gurobi solve?



  • Nan D
    First Comment
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    Do you mean with “solving” that optimal solutions are guaranteed found if the model adheres to the provided canonical form?

  • Eli Towle
    Gurobi Staff

    Gurobi searches for globally optimal solutions to models of the above form, subject to tolerances like the relative optimality gap. However, Gurobi, just like any other solver, is not necessarily guaranteed to find globally optimal solution to arbitrary problems of this form. For example, some problems, like the open MIPLIB 2017 problems, have yet to be solved by any software.

    You can always try out Gurobi for free to see how well it performs on your model. Academic users can access the full version of Gurobi at no cost, and commercial users can request a free evaluation license.


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